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Mikk Sachar Hi and Welcome to my Mort Fertel Review blog.  That’s me on the left and unfortunately a while back I found myself in the middle of some serious marriage problems.  Not know what to do and how to save my marriage I turned to the internet for research and WOW was I amazed with how much conflicting advice there was out there.  At a time where I desperately needed some solid advice, I had no trusted source to turn to and I was completely confused as to which marriage help product I should rely on.  Finally after an exhaustive search I narrowed my search down to a few candidates and Mort Fertel happened to be one of them and I’m so glad I found him.

In fact, I’m so pleased with what he was able to teach me that I decided to create this blog where I reveal all the wonderful things I learned from his Marriage Fitness program.

I’m currently 38 years old and have an amazing family.  Here’s a picture of us.  BlackandWhite_FamilyI’ve been married since 1999 and am happily married.  I can’t say it was always like that because for about 2 years I was on the brink of divorce and living a terrible, extremely miserable life.  I was trapped in my own home and couldn’t escape the nightmare of a failing marriage.

I’m happy to reveal that is no longer the case however which is why I created this blog.  If ever you want to contact me with any questions, please feel free to do so here sacharmikk@gmail.com .  For now however, I hope you enjoy my blog where I plan on exposing you to some insider tips and tricks I learned from Mort Fertel.

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  1. Hi ..I hope u get this soon .a friend gave me the cds but lost the book so I have no plan of what to do and how to run the course .I’m desperate can u help. Ian.

    • Ian…I’m so sorry for delay but my blog has had a virus for the last few months that I finally just got taken care of now. How are things going now. Have you made any headway in healing the relationship. I hope so. Good luck.

  2. I so appreciate you advice on this as I am a subscriber and on the Lone Ranger track. My wife refuses to see any counseling and will not work with me at all however she is NOT pushing me to seperate or divorce. She thinks it’s all me and my anxiety is the problem, however my anxiety is the result. This is really been a slow process for me. We are talking about all issues other than deep or intimate issues. RIght now she has been very avoidant and very tough to talk to. She has a wall up right now that has been extremely hard to tear down. I’ve been on the Lone Ranger and doing the Plugged in program for 6 months now. I am doing everything I know to do and have followed the program as closely as I can but it is really creating me a lot of anxiety which is hurting me. Needless to say this is taking me much longer and it is really been tough on me mentally! I see progress but it is extremely slow right now!

    • Jay. Keep going and IF you can… try not to talk about the problems. There is no point on bringing up the past IF you can simply concentrate on being a better person today and in the future. Like Mort says, “table your issues” for now and just concentrate on being the person your spouse wants today. It can be hard but trust me… it also feels fantastic to not talk about the past problems. This may mean you and your spouse don’t have much conversation at all… that’s OK. Just do some nice things around the house – NOT because you’re expecting a thank you – in fact expect to get NO Thank You – but just do them anyway because slowly you’re becoming a better person and partner for your spouse and the household. Good luck.

  3. Hi Mikk…I too am having issues in my marriage. Your blog has been a great help so far. I don’t have much money right now but am planning on order mort audio track program he offers. Any insight on if this smaller program can help alot? We are not separated yet but I feel it’s coming and I think she might have a romantic connection with someone else. I want to fix my marriage and I know it starts with me. Thanks for the blog… Mike

    • Mike. All of Mort’s stuff is amazing. I too started with just the book first and the free emails and the immediate help they had was tremendous which is why I graduated to getting his course. The guy really knows his stuff and I read so much online at other places but none connected with me the way Mort did. His ideas and mindset made total sense to me. Good luck. Just the book and audio will help I’m very sure.

  4. Hello,

    My husband left 2 months ago. Have tried 2 other online programs of reading material-nothing is working!!!! Hesitant to pay so much money….how fast are the results? I am pretty impatient probably because I want to start working on this before our 2nd baby is here in July.
    My husband is stubborn and very prideful in not wanting to work things out.
    Loosing hope!

    • I’m so sorry Jenica that it’s taken me this long to respond. I’m not a full time blogger so this isn’t my job so I get on here rarely. The results can be quick or they can take a while. It’s all dependent on your spouse really. As for you personally however, the results are pretty darn quick. Once you start absorbing the material you should notice a piece of mind very quickly. It took me about 1 week to feel 100 times better once I realized there’s only so much I can do and I can NEVER make my spouse do or feel something unless the time is right for her. This helped me tremendously.

  5. Hi, is this blog only for men? I’m married over 40 yrs. I’ve also done the free emails…things seem better, than arguments come up, mostly over stupid things he says. This make me realize, he’s soooo crabby, sarcastic and stubborn. Hate to make this investment and realize its just hopeless.

    • No this blog is not just for men. The lessons I describe are pertinent for either spouse and Mort’s program is fantastic. I can’t thank him enough. I read tons of other stuff but nothing resonated with me like Mort’s stuff. If you haven’t already, you should definitely purchase his stuff. Amazing as long as you sink your teeth into it and really take it to heart. Good luck.

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