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Relationship Advice – Do We Really Need It or Can We Do It Alone?

Are you experiencing marriage problems or in the process of starting a new relationship? Whether it be a seasoned marriage or a new girlfriend/boyfriend relationship, it so happens we all need some type of relationship advice at some point in our lives. In today’s day and age, pretty much every one at one point or the other wonders why there is so much divorce in this country. With all the relationship therapy options out there, how is this still possible? Truth is, no matter how you skin this cat, there will always be marriage problems or relationship problems and relationship advice is sometimes a necessity to keep marriages and relationships alive.

Relationships shield us from isolation and add to our health and wellness. Yet the trick is that every marriage requires work, which is ultimately why numerous men and ladies turn to marriage therapy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work every time which is why there is an alarmingly high rate of divorce.

Some married couples face serious issues which aren’t simply minor disagreements. Some married couples face deeper issues such as depression, anxiety, alcoholic abuse or other trouble. Jealousy or sex-related problems additionally could be contributing factors leading one to seek marriage advice.

You may take into consideration seeing a therapist for expert guidance or recommendations on love, as they may offer some perspective on abusive partnerships or long distance relationships. A marriage counselor can attend to all aspects of a relationship, while other therapists take care of specific issues such as co-dependent connections or violent partnerships. Some therapists are excellent and some are pretty poor. Some are expensive and some are cheap.

However, if you are seeking relationship advice for free, there are countless resources on love and tips readily available online. In fact, thousands of publications have been written on healthy and balanced relationships, long distance partnerships and even violent partnerships. Also if you’re simply wondering just what is a connection, there are lots of methods for advice on love that could help you.

Do these self-help articles on marriage problems assist as much as a specialist offering skilled suggestions? That’s definitely up for debate. I believe both options have their pros and cons and ultimately it’s up to the individual to figure out which method they prefer. I personally turned to professional marriage counseling when my wife and I were having issues but it was a complete waste of time. Eventually I found the solution I needed to save my marriage which is why you’re reading this article in the first place.

In some cases however, self-help marriage therapy is all that’s needed to save a marriage. It can help stop a divorce or get back and ex. Discovering your way without the aid of a therapist is possible but it can be risky to go it alone. Emotions are very powerful, especially when facing issues within a marriage, so it’s very important you make the right moves at the right time. Truth is, as long as you are mindful concerning the relationship advice you get, whether it is from a buddy or even an ex lover, just be very mindful of what you do with it.

You’ll find out the best ways to acquire your ex lover back or get your spouse back and even conserve your marital relationship in no time at all is to locate the proper relationship advice.

In summary, all of us demand relationship advice at some time!

If you’re here and reading this, I presume you’re looking for some guidance as well. If that’s the case, I’m glad you’re here because this article and the site I created is pretty much all about the methods I used to save my marriage. If you’re ready to learn some insider secrets to how I did it and what source I turned to for my relationship advice, look around and read what I have to say about Mort Fertel and his Marriage Fitness program. I’ve pulled back the curtain to reveal it all to you.  I show you what I learned and how I put it to practical use.  One thing for sure is that it was some amazing relationship advice.

4 thoughts on “Relationship Advice

  1. Hi Mikk,

    Thanks for doing this. I have a question: my wife is cheating on me. I don`t know the details but I know enough. The question is: should I let her know that I know? She does not want a divorce, she wants the relationship but after 20 years of marriage, a 6 years old kid and lots of problems in the past, she wants to refresh. I find this very hard to accept, specially after telling her that I would have understood if that would have happened. It seems that she does not want to hurt me but also is not embarrassed of what she is doing. I believe that she should come up with the truth. Am I too wrong? Mort says focused on the love to avoid bad will, but should this be leave unattended? thanks,

    • Hey John… sorry for the delayed response. I think you should let your wife know for sure that you know and perhaps ask her… what is it this other person is providing that you aren’t. Find out but don’t harp on it and simply focus on becoming the perfect husband. Once you achieve that it will be virtually impossible for her to resist you. The other guy will simply fade away. It will take time so don’t expect this to happen overnight. It could easily take 6 to 12 months. It all depends on how much damage exists currently in your relationship. Now… once the other guy – the affair – is brought up… and you get answers to your questions… leave that subject alone. Don’t bring it up EVER again. It should be something that doesn’t get talked about BUT of course both of you know it was there. This is super hard to do sometimes but it’s crucial to do and goes hand in hand with what Mort says about tabling the issues and focusing on becoming a better person/husband. I hope this helps. Good luck.

    • Sorry for the delayed response. Security…aka TRUST is something that has to be rebuilt. It’s hard to say exactly how but it’s as simple as your spouse saying that they will do something and then actually coming through. Or as simple as them saying they’ll be home at 10 and actually arriving home at 9.55pm. Keeping you in the loop with daily phone calls. I personally was amazed how quickly I started to trust my wife again once we were comfortable with each other. Truth, this experience taught me what my wife needed and wanted all along and now that I was giving it to her… she really didn’t want to spend time without me. Of course she goes out with her girlfriends sometimes and yes there might even be guys around but I trust 100%. It’s crazy and hard to explain but once you are “in love” again and doing all the right things as far as providing your spouse what they need, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly trust comes back. Good luck.

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