Saving my marriage every day…even from another country!

Experiencing severe marriage problems and the threat of divorce has changed me.  That may seem like a cliche statement but I can say without a doubt, Mort Fertel and his Marriage Fitness program has made me a better husband, man and father.  So much so that even from another country I’m working on busting my marriage problems daily.

How you ask?

Simple really.

One of things I’ve already discussed in this Mort Fertel Review is the concept of talk charges.  Broken down, these are simply moments during the day where you call your wife to connect with her either through a quick phone call…email…or text.  In my opinion, a phone call is preferred because actually hearing your spouses voice is much more personal than an email or text.  Nonetheless, whatever you can do to stay connected with your spouse is important and you should definitely do it.

For example, right now as I write this post, I’m sitting in my childhood home’s driveway in New Delhi, India while my wife is still in our home in York PA.  The physical distance between us is vast however with the aid of technology and programs like Skype, I can still connect with my wife daily.

Not only do I find myself having constant talk charges with her daily but I also have daily conversations with her about her day and our children and anything she wants to speak about.  Today’s conversation for example was all about her simply venting.

I’ve been gone almost 3 weeks now so the pressure of handling a household without me there is starting to take it’s toll.  My daughter has daily swim practices and my son just finished soccer camp.  Taking them to and fro is starting to stress my wife out since she also has a full time job.

As such, when we spoke today, I simply listened to her for about 45 minutes while she talked about how stressful things are.  The old me might have tried to discount her feelings and tell her to suck it up but now, the new me, after having almost gotten divorced and experiencing severe marriage problems, I know how important it is to be there for your spouse in their time of need physically and emotionally.

Women more than men simply want to be heard and listened to without having their men advise or fix the problem.  I’ve learned this the hard way but it’s a very important lesson and one I pay attention to daily.

Today unfortunately was an exception to our daily conversations.  In most cases, our daily conversations are fairly brief but numerous in an effort to connect through simple talk charges.  I can’t emphasize enough the importance of this daily ritual.  Truth be told, we still do this on a daily basis while I’m back home in the states but now more than ever, it’s vital to keep my marriage problems at bay and keep our marriage super strong and connected.

Thanks to this Mort Fertel Review, hopefully you’ll see the importance in these talk charges too.  Though I’ve been gone for almost 3 weeks, I can truly say that thanks to Mort Fertel and the advice from his Marriage Fitness program, I’m still fully connected with my wife even though I’m thousands of miles away from her.  And it’s all possible purely because of the daily talk charges we do.

Please do what you can to employ talk charges right away and I hope you are enjoying my posts in this Mort Fertel Review.

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    • Hey Doug. Sorry for the slow response. I believe Mort’s program is one of the best out there. I read a lot of other material in my search and nothing else came close. I wish you the best.

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