Couples Therapy – Questions and Answers You’d Love to Know!

Couples therapy means dealing with problems and disagreements that took place in a relationship or marriage and if you’re here you’ve probably heard of Mort Fertel and his Marriage Fitness program but maybe you’re wondering what exactly is “couples therapy”?

For starters, couples therapy concentrates on the issues existing in the
partnership between married couples. However, not all couples are married yet they still may need relationship help. The term couples therapy is very synonomous to marriage counseling and is pretty much the same thing.

Typically couples therapy or marriage counseling is done professionally by therapists or some times psychologists.

Now, what kinds of issues could require this type of therapy in the first place?

Some of the typical marriage problems that require this type of help are:

abuse of alcohol and/or medicines;
sexual frustration;
ailments or illnesses;
constant job modifications;
issues in the workplace;
extra marital relationships;
and so on!

These are typical issues that cause problems in a marriage but how would one know they should seek professional help?

Typically here are some signs that should make you think it’s time to seek out couples therapy.

maybe you can’t sleep;
you’re having concentrating;
you have sensations of marriage dissatisfaction;
psychological distress;
major weight fluctuations;
depression – no longer interested in doing things you used to like;

When you decide it’s time, how do you find the best marriage counselor.  Where should you look?

First things first, there are several sources offered online with Mort Fertel Marriage
Fitness being just one of them.  Of course you can look through the yellow pages
for some other options but just like any shopping spree, you could get the good with the bad and if you make the wrong decision, it could cost you your marriage.

How long does couples therapy normally take?

Well, that all depends on the extent of the marriage problems and exactly how much effort & time you are ready to put into fixing your marriage.  Some therapists at times can give you an estimate of how long it may take once they’ve consulted with you the first time.

Now, how about your first visit, should a couple make it together or separately?

Ideally it would be best if husband and wife or the couple go together. After the first
session, things may change and the therapist could recommend either visiting independently or together.  Ultimately it’s their call.  They are professionals after all and should know how to save your marriage.

How about the cost?  How much does couples therapy cost?

Costs are obviously different depending on who you see or what program you use.  I don’t know all the costs out there because I only invested in Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness program.  The course I invested in cost me $399 and it was worth every penny.  If you’re seeing a therapist however, these costs are hard to determine because they charge hourly and who knows how long they’ll drag the therapy out.  I did go to traditional marriage counseling too and it cost us $125 per session.  We ended up spending approximately $700 or so before I found Mort Fertel’s program.

Now, what if couples therapy doesn’t work.  What can I do then?

Couples therapy can work but it may also fail.  Therapy is like a mediation between couples who want to fix a marriage but  unfortunately there are times when only one person wants to save the marriage.  And if that happens, it can in fact fail.  That’s obviously when you need to look for other options which is how I found Mort Fertel.

In summary, couples therapy can help and sometimes it’s the go to option you need to save a marriage.  The success rate of professional therapy depends a tremendous amount on your therapist and how good they.  Unfortunately more times than not, you end up getting a crappy therapist who pretty much just sits there says very little.  I guess it’s in their best interest to keep you talking and coming back over and over.  They get paid hourly after all don’t they?

As you can tell, I’m not the biggest fan of normal traditional marriage counseling which is why I started this blog in the first place.  I’m convinced the option I turned to, Mort Fertel and his Marriage Fitness program is the way to go!

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