Saving my Marriage – Dressed Like a Woman

What on earth does dressing up like a woman have to do with saving my marriage?

Before your mind goes crazy, here’s the extent of my dressing up.

Saving my Marriage - Even in High Heels!

Saving my Marriage – Even in High Heels!

As you can see, it was merely high heels that I wore. Nothing more. I wasn’t a drag queen or anything like that for crying out loud. LOL.

None-the-less, walking around in high heels gave me ammunition to save my marriage and even strengthen it.

How you ask?

Good question.

But first let me tell you why I was wearing high heels to begin with. Here, where I live and pretty much throughout the country, YWCA sponsors an annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes fund-raising event. The proceeds raised go towards building awareness for domestic violence and in fact helping women to be housed. The cause is an amazing one to begin with which is why I got involved.

Basically, for one night, MEN, not women, walk around town for a total of 1 mile in high heel shoes. Prior to the event, they solicit donations from the local community and their own friends and colleagues.

The night started around 6pm and by 6.25 the 1 mile walk was pretty much complete.  I however decided I would keep wearing my high heels the ENTIRE night.  It so happens we stayed out till 2am that night. Ugh!

Reason for my madness?

It dawned on me that I don’t know of any women that go out for the night in high heels and simply quit after 1 mile of walking. My wife definitely doesn’t so why should I. To truly walk in her shoes, I needed to keep the movement going all night.

Now… how on earth is this fodder to save a marriage and stop a divorce and what does it have to do with this Mort Fertel Review?

You see… after walking around the whole night in high heels, the next day, my feet were in soooooo much pain it was almost unbearable. I had no idea high heels could do such a number on your feet. I almost begged my wife for a foot massage and even black mailed my kids in doing it for me. In fact, 3 weeks after the event and my left foot is still a little numb. It’s crazy I know but it’s true.

Anyway, after discovering this excruciating pain I realized that a brilliant way of giving my wife a gift – just like Mort Fertel advises in his Marriage Fitness program – is to give her a foot massage every morning after she wears high heels for our date nights.

It may seem common sense and simple – and it is – but guess what? Most husbands just aren’t thinking like this.

I however, thanks to Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness program am always thinking of ways I can do small “consistent” things for my wife to show her how much she means to me.

Would I have done this before learning all the marriage saving skills through Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness program? Probably not! I just wasn’t thinking like that. Saving my marriage wasn’t a priority then. But it definitely is now!

And thanks to Mort Fertel, I’m always looking for ways to keeping marriage problems away from my marriage and saving my marriage consistently and daily.

I hope you enjoyed this quick post and I look forward to writing more in this Mort Fertel Review.

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Bouncing Back from Set Backs and How to Save Your Marriage Mort Fertel Style

Mort Fertel advises to table your marriage problems rather than addressing them head on. However, this is way harder than it seems.

I know how hard it is. I just had to deal with some setbacks in my marriage and if I didn’t address them right away, my marriage problems could have escalated.

Truth be told, I don’t feel I have any marriage problems right now and that’s a scary place to be. What do I mean?

If there’s one thing I learned for sure from Mort Fertel, and why I created this Mort Fertel Review, is the fact that your marriage ALWAYS needs nurturing. Behind the scenes there are ALWAYS marriage problems brewing and if you’re not aware of them, they will escalate.

The fortunate thing however, for me and you reading this, is that we have in our arsenal excellent marriage saving tips thanks to Mort Fertel.

Let me explain.

For about 3 to 4 weeks I was feeling neglected by my wife. We just didn’t seem to be connecting like we used to. It seemed she was more interested in hanging out with her friends every Thursday night rather than spending time with me. Soon Thursday nights escalating into a few Wednesday’ and Friday’s without me. Inevitably conversation we would have started surrounding around her friends.

What was going on behind the scenes that I was able to learn thanks to Mort Fertel?

After some careful analysis, I figured it out. Denise and I were still hanging out together like we always did BUT now instead of going out to dinner alone, just the 2 of us, we always seemed to be going out with other people as well. Though this can be fun at times, if saving your marriage is your priority, this activity must be limited immediately.

Once I realized this marriage problem brewing, I sat down and had a heart to heart with my wife. I simply told her how I felt and how I was worried that we weren’t connecting like we used to. Thankfully she acknowledged it as well but chalked it up to a simple mishap and said that it’s OK… we’re going to have our ups and downs and maybe not connect all the time!!!

OH OH! This is when I really got scared.

Here she is… the love of my life saying she understands and is OK with us not connecting right now because she FEELS it’s normal.

You know what. It probably is NORMAL for other couples but NOT for me. There is no way I’m living my life like that again. I’ve already been down the road of almost getting a divorce and having to fight tooth and nail to save my marriage. I can’t tell you how many nights I stayed awake reading Mort Fertel and all his advice.

As such, today, Mort Fertel’s theories and advice are so ingrained in me that I can’t help but do things to save my marriage.

My mind, very quickly, snapped back to reality where I realized I needed to once again show 100% initiative to save my marriage and make it blossom like it was just a short 3 or 4 weeks ago.

What did I end up doing?

Starting going on strict date nights again.

Luckily for us, all the other things we’d been doing to avoid marriage problems and save our marriage were still working. Things like talk charges during the day… small gifts for each other… listening to each other… so on and so forth.

Going on strict date nights again JUST THE 2 OF US was the ticket our marriage needed at that exact moment. Since then, almost on autopilot, I’ve been making plans to take Denise out to dinner – just the 2 of us – and no one else. Typically we would do this and then after dinner go meet some friends but even that I’m avoiding right now.

I want the date night to be just about us and no one else. Eventually we will filter other FRIENDS into our lives but THEY ARE NOT a PRIORITY… my wife and saving my marriage is.

Am I a genius for realizing and implementing all this? No, not at all! Simply put… Mort Fertel’s advice on saving my marriage is so ingrained in my thinking, that when I feel any type of resistance in my marriage moving super smoothly, I go back to all the advice Mort Fertel provided. As such, I hope you enjoyed this post and please keep reading this Mort Fertel Review.

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How Can I Save My Marriage Asked My Friend? You Won’t Believe What I Told Him!

“I need to Save My Marriage?”

What should I do?

Considering I have an amazing success rate in saving my marriage thanks to Mort Fertel Marriage Fitness, friends and strangers alike have been asking me for marriage help for a few years now.

And I love helping where I can so it was no surprise when one of my friends asked me an emotional “how can I save my marriage. I need to stop a divorce. Help me”

His desperation brought back some nasty memories for me but here are the questions I asked him followed by some straight forward advice to save a marriage and stop a divorce.

First question I asked was…

“Ok explain to me what’s going on?”

Of course at this…he like almost all of us went on and starting explaining how his wife was screwing up and jeopardizing their marriage several different ways. Not only was she not giving the marriage any more effort but she was also entertaining conversations with an old romantic flame from high school.

Knowing this was a very emotionally charged situation I was careful on how I proceeded but my questioning began as follows.

“First things first, I’m sorry you’re going through this man…I know it sucks…but tell me, what role have you played in this marriage collapsing to its current point?”

Shocked with my line of questioning my friend asked… “didn’t you hear what I just said…my wife is talking to an old romantic flame from high school…she’s the one f***ing up”.

I replied “I understand that but trust me… she didn’t just wake up one day and say to herself…you know what…I’m going to reconnect with an old romantic flame from high school.

No… truth be told, she’s probably been miserable for quite some time and only now are you seeing the results of that past misery.

So once again… what was your role in allowing this marriage to get where it is today?”

Now my friend was starting to see the picture more clearly.

Far too often when it comes to marriage problems we want to blame the other party but if there’s one valuable lesson I learned from Mort Fertel Marriage Fitness, it’s that we need to concentrate on Our Own Problems before we start blaming others for our marriage problems.

After some more probing, my friend finally started to come up with some good answers. Here’s a list of the problems he’s personally caused in his marriage.

1. Neglecting his wife in favor of playing video games;
2. Not going to bed at the same time as his wife so completely losing the opportunity to be emotionally connected with her;
3. Not being available for her by phone during the day when she called for stuff – usually blaming it on both their busy work schedules;
4. Not taking the effort to connect with her during the day – not even a simple text to ask how your day was going;
5. Coming home from a long-day of work and rather than sitting and connecting with his wife, instead opening up a beer;
6. Drinking beer in excess daily until it became a major issue in their marriage;
7. Not going on regular dates with his wife;
8. Not doing special things for her just because; and
9. Many more I’m sure but you get the idea!

Once revealed I knew his marriage problems were severe!

How did I know this with certainty?

Because I have already gone through Mort Fertel Marriage Fitness and I personally was to blame for all these problems back in the day as well.

It was like déjà vu staring me smack in the face. I hated hearing about his problems because they brought back terrible memories of my marriage problems.

Now… given all this, what did I tell him to start doing immediately to start fixing his marriage problems and saving his marriage?

I wish the advice I gave him was profound but truth be told now that I’ve created this Mort Fertel Review it’s like second nature to me and so easy to come up with the right advice.

For starters I told him to:

#1: Table any issues he personally has with his wife and definitely to forget about the fact she’s talking to some old romantic flame.
• To fix your marriage problems, you need to start letting things go.
• Fixing a marriage isn’t about who’s right or wrong… it’s about creating a
connection again with your spouse to a point where marriage problems don’t exist
• I explained to him that he’ll never forget about this other guy in the picture which in the end could be a good thing for him.
• For some reason or the other, she’s going to him for conversation rather than you.
• It’s your job to figure out why and be what she needs!

#2: I told him to sit down and try to remember how him and his wife used to be when they first fell in love.
• What did they used to do?
• How often did they see each other?
• How often would they laugh together?
• How often would they go on vacation?
• How often would they talk to each other during the day?

#3: After figuring out how they “used to be” I advised him to start doing some of the things they used to do. In essence his job became to create the same type of environment from the past where they were in love.

#4: I also advised him about working on himself. I asked him… “look… back in the day your wife was madly in love with you. Why? What was she in love with? Was it a guy who comes home and plays video games or someone who doesn’t talk to her and would rather drink beer? Who was it? Think deep about this?
• Upon investigation, my friend remembered some of the things he used to be into but has long let go because he moved on in life. He blamed it on marriage and kids.
• Look… getting married or having children isn’t a death sentence. You don’t have to reinvent yourself. You can be the same person as long as you are considerate to your spouse and kids.
• From this discovery, my friend has started to pursue some of his old passions like drag racing cars. As a side note… I told him that’s super cool. In fact pretty sexy if you ask me. Imagine yourself drag racing again with your helmet on. Your wife will probably be attracted to that again.

So there you have it…the advice I gave my friend in a nutshell on how to save a marriage and stop a divorce.

I wish I could take all the credit for this but I can’t.

I simply learned all this through Mort Fertel Marriage Fitness.

In fact my marriage is so strong today because of Mort Fertel that I have spent a considerable time over the last few years creating the Mort Fertel Review blog so others like you reading this right now can benefit from my mistakes and discovery.

Before I finish, if you’re having some marriage problems right now and need to save your marriage, I wholeheartedly recommend Mort’s program. Getting started couldn’t be easier.

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Good luck and I hope you enjoyed this post and once again thank you for checking out this Mort Fertel Review.

Mort Fertel Review! Discover EXACTLY What Marriage Fitness is and if it can Save Your Marriage.

My marriage problems were huge.  I remember the day like it was yesterday.  “I love you but am not in love with you” were the horrifying words I heard come out of my wife’s mouth.  My life and my marriage just crash and burned and I was headed straight for a divorce.  It was in that moment I decided I had to save my marriage and stop my divorce no matter what… but how?

And that’s when it happened.  I started to devour as much marriage help advice I could get my hands on through the internet at which point I stumbled onto some guy named Mort Fertel and his Marriage Fitness program.  The insights I learned from Marriage Fitness single handedely saved my marriage which is why I started this Mort Fertel Review blog.  I wanted to make sure you, just like me, have a chance to save your marriage.

NOTE: this is an UnBiased Review Site: Click Here for the Official Mort Fertel Marriage Fitness Site for FREE Marriage Help Emails

As such, please keep reading this but first let me tell you…

I was a complete idiot when it came to the subject of saving my marriage, marriage counseling, marriage help or how to save my marriage and stop a divorce.  When push came to shove, I went through a crap load of marriage help books and went to a lot of marriage help websites but none of them helped.  They were all geared towards the traditional marriage counseling approach.

This wouldn’t work for me however since my wife had no desire to save our marriage.  Bottom line, to stop my divorce and save my marriage, I was on my own.

It was extremely gut wrenching to search through a ton of marriage help books and marriage help blogs and not find any help.  I was in a state of panic because I was desperate to save my marriage and stop my divorce.

I was looking every where to find marriage advice which is how I finally stumbled onto Mort Fertel and his Marriage Fitness program.

After finding it, I had almost instant success at saving my marriage which is why I created this Mort Fertel Review site.

Because truth is when you are desperately trying to save you marriage it is very important you get the right marriage help advice.  As such, this will be your UnCensored, UnBiased opionion of Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness program.

This Mort Fertel Review will give you insider information to what exactly Marriage Fitness is and whether or not it could save your marriage.

So what exactly is Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness program and can it help save your marriage?

I’m 100% convinced YES that Mort Fertel can save your marriage.

My marriage problems were severe and if you’re here reading this Mort Fertel Review before your marriage problems get out of hand, I believe you will definitely have a good chance to save your marriage.

Here’s why!

Because Marriage Fitness is a revolutionary way to save your marriage; way better than any marriage help books out there or traditional marriage counseling.  It’s a complete course on how to fix your marriage problems even if there has been infidelity in marriage.

The program is comprised of audio CD listening exercises, 1-on-1 private sessions with Mort Fertel himself, Q&A teleconferences, tele-seminars, reading assignments (like homework), interactive exercises, studies of relationship habits and even journal entries.  All in all, the program is an intensive boot camp so to speak of how to save your marriage and stop divorce dead in it’s tracks!

The course itself is very user friendly.  It contains a step-by-step program guide that effortlessly takes you by the hand through the whole course.  It directs you when to listen to the CDs, when to make your 1-on-1 call with Mort Fertel and when to do your journal entries.

Personally I loved it because in a time when I felt like I had no control how to save my marriage, at least I had control of something again.

The nicest part I loved is the self-guided nature. Meaning you can go through it super fast or slow if you like.  It all depends on how fast you want to save your marriage.  Personally I devoured the information super fast because time was not on my side and I was desperate to stop a divorce and save my marriage.

When trying to save your marriage, time is usually not on your side.  As such you need to take quick decisive action when you find something truly worthy like Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness program.

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Mort’s program made an immediate impact on how my wife responded to me which gave me an incredible feeling of accomplishment.  And even better was the effect it had on me personally.  There were specific exercises designed to make you relax about the horrible marriage problems you are facing and they worked incredibly well.

In addition to an immediate jolt to my system, Mort Fertel’s program, with its 15 Audio CDs gave me a daily life line for effective marriage help advice.  I listened to these CDs daily at home and in the car.  They gave me immediate relief because they convinced me I could save my marriage.

In fact, 8 of the CDs are titled “That’s What I Was Going To Ask”. These were especially soothing because it is Mort answering questions from other couples facing marriage problems.  It’s unbelievable how much better you will feel when you learn you are not going through marriage problems all alone.

These by themselves were worth the investment into the program.  Problems listed by others were so similar to mine it was eerie.  On top of that, having a treasure chest of answers to your marriage problems instantly is priceless.  This was crucial in allowing me to stop my divorce.

Now I promised you this Mort Fertel Review would be thorough and unbiased so let me tell you what I did not like about Marriage Fitness.

  •  1st things 1st, I had to wait for my 1-on-1 private session with Mort.  I was very desperate to save my marriage and would loved to have had access to Mort a lot sooner than I did.  Little did I realize at the time I was 1 out of like 10,000 or so people also needing immediate marriage help advice from him.
  • In addition, the tele-conferences also annoyed me a little.  I guess I got spoiled, so to speak, since I had instant access to so much other marriage help CDs that I was upset when I had to call a phone number to hear tele-conferences.  I remember staying up till like 10pm just to call in. Instead, I wish I could have called in at more convenient times.  Truth is, this should not have annoyed me given I had 15 marriage help CDs at my disposal but it did.

What about the Good points about Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness program?

Where on earth do I begin… there are so many!

#1: The easy step-by-step nature of the program and how it touched so many of my marriage problems was priceless. It was so easy to follow and read.

#2: The personal consultation with Mort Fertel was brilliant. I actually had a very pressing question which wasn’t answered anywhere else in the educational material so it was excellent to be able to ask him directly.  My question for example was what I should do while out of the country.  I decided to leave during my marriage problems because I needed a mental break however I was scared and Mort’s advice was priceless.

#3: An amazing section of the course was the “Answers to Your Pressing Questions”.  In Q&A format Mort tackled other people’s pressing questions on how to stop a divorce, save a marriage and marriage help in general.  Some of the crucial questions were: How do I know when to quit trying to fix my marriage?  How do I get my spouse to change?  How do I know I married the right person? And so many more! They will all help you with your marriage problems.

#4: The personal journal.  At first, I thought I’d skip this part but man am I glad I didn’t.  It’s amazing how soothing it is to write down your marriage problems.  When done properly it was extremely soothing and will make you feel better almost instantly.

#5: The section titled “A surprising solution to your marriage problems”. This was so refreshing and eye-opening, I was blown away.  You will never guess how simple it really is to fix your marriage problems and you’ll get the answer in this section.  It’s basically common sense once you think about it

#6: Should I tell my wife “I love you”? What and what not to say.  This section hit me smack in the face because I was saying all the wrong things in the middle of my marriage problems.  Thanks to this Mort Fertel Review, hopefully you’ll stop saying the wrong things too.  It’s that important!

#7: How to live love?  This section will teach you how to fall in love again and stay in love.  This was a big problem for my marriage.  Truth is, I loved my wife but I wasn’t showing her properly and as such she fell out of love with me.  Being in love with your spouse when they are in love with you is easy but how about when they aren’t? Well this section will help you there and stop your divorce.

#8: Marriage Fitness will also teach you how to reconnect with your spouse.  Understandably when you’re in the middle of marriage problems and trying desperately to save your marriage, the last thing you are thinking about is how to reconnect with your spouse.  But that’s a huge mistake and Fertel teaches you how to do it quickly and efficiently.

#9: And last but not least, How to Say in Love? Mort Fertel in this section teaches you how to maintain love in any marriage relationship and never ever again face the threat of divorce ever again.

Bottom line, Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness program really spells it out for you step-by-step.  Trying to do all this alone is a recipe for disaster!

I tried to do it alone before finding Mort Fertel Marriage Fitness and it was a complete disaster.  Trust Mort because he does an amazing job at giving you the blueprint for marriage success.  His program was and still is priceless in saving my marriage.  My marriage problems have virtually disappeared and my marriage today is better than it ever was.  I know that sounds cliche and corny but it’s true!

Are you ready to save your marriage too?


So… now you’ve heard it all.  Did Mort Fertel Save my Marriage?  Am I still married today?

YES he did.  After 9 months of marriage separation, my wife and I got back together and I owe it all to Mort Fertel Marriage Fitness.

His program showed me what a successful marriage is supposed to be like and it also revealed to me my personal issues and how I was contributing to my marriage problems.  This was crucial for me because at first I blamed all our marriage problems on my wife but I was equally to blame.  Mort taught me what I was doing wrong and how to fix it.  I was making some classic mistakes and they were killing my marriage.

Are you making the same mistakes?

This year since getting back together, my wife and I will be going on our 8th annual vacation to Jamaica.  Till this day we call and text each other at least 2 to 4 times daily.  We tell each other I love you at least 3 to 4 times a day.  We do nice things for each other almost daily but definitely weekly.  We go on date nights every Saturday and have almost every week for the last 8 years.  We do a lot together.  Have random lunch dates during the week. Play games together… joke around and laugh and have a great sex life once again.  Our marriage problems have pretty much vanished and the marriage is stronger today than ever before and it’s all thanks to Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness program.

So by now you’re probably thinking “Maybe I should – Maybe I shouldn’t” trust this Mort Fertel Review.  I say you do! I’ve revealed the whole truth and nothing but the truth. (OMG, sounds like I’m in court or something!)

You will not regret investing in Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness program.  Even if it doesn’t save your marriage now, it will make you a better and amazing spouse.  Soon enough your spouse will realize and notice the change.  You will love this marriage help program since it contains no BS and get’s straight to the point of saving your marriage now!

I really wish you the best and hope this Mort Fertel Review was helpful.

~ Mikk

PS. I almost forgot.  Marriage Fitness works even if you are the ONLY one interested in saving your marriage.  I did all this solo at first because my wife had no interest.

PPS. Mort’s site also gives you access to FREE emails titled “7 Secrets to Fixing Your Marriage”  CLICK HERE to get Instant Access to these FREE emails now!

PPPS. Thanks again for reading this blog and I sincerely hope you enjoy this unbiased Mort Fertel Review.

PPPPS. Sometimes people may not believe what I have written here so I’ve taken the liberty to share a video with you where I share my thoughts about Mort Fertel. Here it is.

Saving my marriage every day…even from another country!

Experiencing severe marriage problems and the threat of divorce has changed me.  That may seem like a cliche statement but I can say without a doubt, Mort Fertel and his Marriage Fitness program has made me a better husband, man and father.  So much so that even from another country I’m working on busting my marriage problems daily.

How you ask?

Simple really.

One of things I’ve already discussed in this Mort Fertel Review is the concept of talk charges.  Broken down, these are simply moments during the day where you call your wife to connect with her either through a quick phone call…email…or text.  In my opinion, a phone call is preferred because actually hearing your spouses voice is much more personal than an email or text.  Nonetheless, whatever you can do to stay connected with your spouse is important and you should definitely do it.

For example, right now as I write this post, I’m sitting in my childhood home’s driveway in New Delhi, India while my wife is still in our home in York PA.  The physical distance between us is vast however with the aid of technology and programs like Skype, I can still connect with my wife daily.

Not only do I find myself having constant talk charges with her daily but I also have daily conversations with her about her day and our children and anything she wants to speak about.  Today’s conversation for example was all about her simply venting.

I’ve been gone almost 3 weeks now so the pressure of handling a household without me there is starting to take it’s toll.  My daughter has daily swim practices and my son just finished soccer camp.  Taking them to and fro is starting to stress my wife out since she also has a full time job.

As such, when we spoke today, I simply listened to her for about 45 minutes while she talked about how stressful things are.  The old me might have tried to discount her feelings and tell her to suck it up but now, the new me, after having almost gotten divorced and experiencing severe marriage problems, I know how important it is to be there for your spouse in their time of need physically and emotionally.

Women more than men simply want to be heard and listened to without having their men advise or fix the problem.  I’ve learned this the hard way but it’s a very important lesson and one I pay attention to daily.

Today unfortunately was an exception to our daily conversations.  In most cases, our daily conversations are fairly brief but numerous in an effort to connect through simple talk charges.  I can’t emphasize enough the importance of this daily ritual.  Truth be told, we still do this on a daily basis while I’m back home in the states but now more than ever, it’s vital to keep my marriage problems at bay and keep our marriage super strong and connected.

Thanks to this Mort Fertel Review, hopefully you’ll see the importance in these talk charges too.  Though I’ve been gone for almost 3 weeks, I can truly say that thanks to Mort Fertel and the advice from his Marriage Fitness program, I’m still fully connected with my wife even though I’m thousands of miles away from her.  And it’s all possible purely because of the daily talk charges we do.

Please do what you can to employ talk charges right away and I hope you are enjoying my posts in this Mort Fertel Review.

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Mort Fertel Says 100% All-In Commitment is Needed! What Does He Mean?

Ever since my marriage problems and having saved my marriage because of Mort Fertel and his Marriage Fitness program, I’m very quick to pick up hints when other people are having trouble in their marriage.

The actual problems marriage’s experience can be vast and vary so much it would take me hours upon hours just to write about them but there is one common theme I see and hear typically when speaking with people about their issues.

More often than not, one spouse or the other is always blaming the other one for their marriage problems.  Typically this goes something like this…

“If only she would do this…I would then do this”

Basically what I hear them saying is… they want their spouse to change first before they start taking the appropriate steps to fix the marriage.

Let me tell you, according to Mort Fertel and me now that I’ve experienced it, this is completely wrong.

If you want to fix your marriage problems, YOU personally need to step up and take 100% responsibility for doing it.  Perhaps you like almost everyone else (myself included before I was enlightened) think your marriage is a 50-50 relationship where your spouse is half responsible for creating a healthy marriage.

Well…let me break it to you.  You’re wrong!

If you want to save your marriage, you need to take 100% of the responsibility.  This can be very difficult but it’s also very rewarding once your marriage is repaired.  Simply put, don’t ever think the only way you’ll have a healthy marriage is if both you and your spouse are working at it equally.

In a perfect world this would be ideal but it doesn’t always start like that.  Especially if you’re in the middle of trying to save your marriage.  You see, when I was trying to stop my divorce, I was the only one doing anything to make it happen. My wife at the time wanted nothing to do with me. In fact, I was a pure bother to her.  I’m not mad at her though.  It was the natural state of our marriage at the time.

She was more interested in her other life outside our marriage.  She was no longer in love with me. In fact, I doubt she even loved me then.  At best, I was a good father in her eyes and a decent roommate to have and an awesome babysitter because she was out and about gallivanting around with her new friends while I stayed at home to take care of our children.

It was a very crappy time for me and I was trying desperately to figure out how I can save my marriage.  It’s probably right around this time I read in Mort Fertel Marriage Fitness that if you want to save your marriage you need to take 100% responsibility for it.

Unfortunately prior to this, I was probably half-assed in my effort because I was hoping my wife would reciprocate some type of effort to save our marriage.  But it never happened.  She just didn’t care and wasn’t interested in doing so.  As such, I had to come up with a different mind-set because I was going absolutely crazy waiting for her to put some effort into saving our marriage.

Finally I said to myself…”OK Mort Fertel, you better know what you’re talking about” and jumped all in.

Moving forward I started doing all the things necessary to try and save our marriage.  These included:

  • Calling my wife randomly during the day (talk charges);
  • Trying to touch her ever so slightly to try and connect with her physically (touch charges)
  • Setting up events where we could hang out as a family;
  • Setting up a meeting with just the 2 of us;
  • Leaving her a note around the home to tell her how much she means to us;
  • Saying sincere things to her about how good of a mother she is;
  • Complimenting her on how well she maintained our home and several more!

Now pay attention here.  These were all sincere thoughts I truly believed.  You don’t ever want to manipulate the situation or say something you don’t believe because your spouse will see right through it.

Regardless of what you’re saying or what effort you’re making to save your marriage, this post is designed to reiterate one very important thing to you.

If you plan to save your marriage and stop your divorce, stop thinking your marriage is a 50-50 relationship. It’s not!  If you want to have an amazing marriage, get comfortable with the idea that it will take 100% effort from you and more often than not, you will be the ONLY one putting in the effort.

Now, if you’re lucky like I was after going through Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness program, you’ll soon discover that your spouse is back and now they’re starting to put effort back into maintaining a healthy marriage.  When that happens… things become amazing but don’t ever think you can stop.  You have to maintain and keep watering your marriage on a daily basis.  It’ll be the best thing you ever do!

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Mort Fertel says to Put Love First – How Do You Do It and How Can This Help Save Your Marriage?

Mort Fertel would love this!

It’s 2:54 pm on Friday and I’m leaving a random bar/restaurant where I just spent 2 hours with my wife.  Earlier today I was sitting in my office because I had a crap load of work to do but my wife asked me a fairly innocent question.

“Hey honey…what’s your day like today?”

I instantly replied “not too bad… you want to have a day date and have lunch?”

She replies, “yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking”.

Long story short, we were in tune with each other and for the next couple hours I kicked butt to get my work done while she did too so we could go spend some quality time with each other while our kids were still at school.

Why exactly is this relevant when it comes to Mort Fertel and how to save a marriage?

Here’s why.  Truth is…prior to going through Mort Fertel Marriage Fitness I doubt I would have put my work aside to go out on a random date lunch with my wife.  Back then before I learned how to save a marriage, my work was the priority… not my wife.  Not anymore though.

Ever since I learned the “Put Love First” concept from Marriage Fitness, I look for and take advantage of these opportunities?


Simple!  It’s an easy way for me to show my wife she is the #1 priority in my life.  That I will literally drop everything if it means I can spend time connecting with here.

The fact is, if you’re here I presume you know I had marriage problems.  They were serious in nature and had become so big that I had to literally scratch and crawl to stop my divorce and save my marriage.    And the biggest reason I had these marriage problems in the first place was because I was cheating on my wife.

No… not the way you’re thinking!  I was not cheating on her with another woman, but rather my work.  You see…she wasn’t my priority, my work was!  Given the choice before, I would rather have spent time working then take a break to spend time with my wife.  I would have instead said, “I’m sorry I can’t, I have too much work to do!”

Have you done that before?  Think about it.  What is that telling your spouse?  That work is more important than them right?

Of course there needs to be a balance.  It’s not like every day I drop everything in favor of having a random lunch with my wife and a couple beers during the day.

By the way, if you haven’t ever done that, try it.  Going to a bar during the day with the person you love is brilliant.  It’s usually just you and them and you can really pay attention to each other.  It’s a great experience!

We basically spent 2 hours just hanging out with each other.  We reconnected for the day.  We looked into each other’s eyes.  We played one of those MegaTouch games where you look at 2 different pictures to see what the differences are. We had lunch and shared a sandwich together.

Bottom line, we connected in almost every way while we were there for 2 hours.  This little 2 hour break was 1000 times better than any marriage therapy or marriage counseling you could ever pay for and it only cost us $49.

As a side note, “it only cost US $49”.  See how I used the word US instead of me.  That’s another huge lesson I plan on posting about sometime soon.  Prior to Marriage Fitness I used to say “cost me” and there’s a huge reason you should stop doing that.

Anyway, back to my post.

Traditional marriage counseling just doesn’t cut it when it comes to saving a marriage. Instead Mort Fertel Marriage Fitness is the way to go because once you’ve gone through it and you sincerely want to change, almost naturally you’ll start doing the things I just described above.  You will become another person!

I hope you pay attention and start doing it because my story above is the perfect example of how you can “Put Love First” Mort Fertel style!

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Couples Therapy – Questions and Answers You’d Love to Know!

Couples therapy means dealing with problems and disagreements that took place in a relationship or marriage and if you’re here you’ve probably heard of Mort Fertel and his Marriage Fitness program but maybe you’re wondering what exactly is “couples therapy”?

For starters, couples therapy concentrates on the issues existing in the
partnership between married couples. However, not all couples are married yet they still may need relationship help. The term couples therapy is very synonomous to marriage counseling and is pretty much the same thing.

Typically couples therapy or marriage counseling is done professionally by therapists or some times psychologists.

Now, what kinds of issues could require this type of therapy in the first place?

Some of the typical marriage problems that require this type of help are:

abuse of alcohol and/or medicines;
sexual frustration;
ailments or illnesses;
constant job modifications;
issues in the workplace;
extra marital relationships;
and so on!

These are typical issues that cause problems in a marriage but how would one know they should seek professional help?

Typically here are some signs that should make you think it’s time to seek out couples therapy.

maybe you can’t sleep;
you’re having concentrating;
you have sensations of marriage dissatisfaction;
psychological distress;
major weight fluctuations;
depression – no longer interested in doing things you used to like;

When you decide it’s time, how do you find the best marriage counselor.  Where should you look?

First things first, there are several sources offered online with Mort Fertel Marriage
Fitness being just one of them.  Of course you can look through the yellow pages
for some other options but just like any shopping spree, you could get the good with the bad and if you make the wrong decision, it could cost you your marriage.

How long does couples therapy normally take?

Well, that all depends on the extent of the marriage problems and exactly how much effort & time you are ready to put into fixing your marriage.  Some therapists at times can give you an estimate of how long it may take once they’ve consulted with you the first time.

Now, how about your first visit, should a couple make it together or separately?

Ideally it would be best if husband and wife or the couple go together. After the first
session, things may change and the therapist could recommend either visiting independently or together.  Ultimately it’s their call.  They are professionals after all and should know how to save your marriage.

How about the cost?  How much does couples therapy cost?

Costs are obviously different depending on who you see or what program you use.  I don’t know all the costs out there because I only invested in Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness program.  The course I invested in cost me $399 and it was worth every penny.  If you’re seeing a therapist however, these costs are hard to determine because they charge hourly and who knows how long they’ll drag the therapy out.  I did go to traditional marriage counseling too and it cost us $125 per session.  We ended up spending approximately $700 or so before I found Mort Fertel’s program.

Now, what if couples therapy doesn’t work.  What can I do then?

Couples therapy can work but it may also fail.  Therapy is like a mediation between couples who want to fix a marriage but  unfortunately there are times when only one person wants to save the marriage.  And if that happens, it can in fact fail.  That’s obviously when you need to look for other options which is how I found Mort Fertel.

In summary, couples therapy can help and sometimes it’s the go to option you need to save a marriage.  The success rate of professional therapy depends a tremendous amount on your therapist and how good they.  Unfortunately more times than not, you end up getting a crappy therapist who pretty much just sits there says very little.  I guess it’s in their best interest to keep you talking and coming back over and over.  They get paid hourly after all don’t they?

As you can tell, I’m not the biggest fan of normal traditional marriage counseling which is why I started this blog in the first place.  I’m convinced the option I turned to, Mort Fertel and his Marriage Fitness program is the way to go!

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Save My Marriage – What Are My Options?

Is your marriage in trouble and are you grasping at straws asking yourself, just what I could do to save my marriage?

If you’re anything like I was, I’m sure you’re wondering what brought you to this point in the first place.  It probably hit you completely out of the blue.  Marriage problems often work like that.  Truth is, if you’re facing marriage problems, it’s very important you come up with a good game plan on how to proceed to save your marriage.  Just winging it isn’t going to work this time!

For starters, it may not be the best idea but at some point you need to get an idea from you spouse or what the problem really is.  Don’t be a pest about this though because more often than not, you don’t want to dwell on your marriage problems.  I learned this from Mort Fertel and it was life changing when I finally grasped the concept.

The one nice thing about speaking with your spouse however is that you may learn that both of you are in fact desiring to save your marital relationship.  This puts you in a very good situation because very often one spouse wants nothing to do with the other which makes saving a marriage that much harder.

The next logical step is to decide which method you want to utilize when you’re on the task of how to “save my marriage”. Do you go to marriage counseling or try to fix it yourself. You might look online if you trying it alone.  You’ll most likely find numerous websites and ebooks that could offer you the assistance you need.

Take note of this however.  When reviewing this information by yourselves, both you and your spouse will certainly be looking at the information from various angles. You should make sure that both of you adhere to the exact same course and do not steer off.  This way at least you’re both approaching the save my marriage course the same way.

Now, on the other hand, if you decide to go to a marriage therapist, don’t simply pick the first one you see listed in the phone book. Instead, maybe consider getting a good referral because the wrong marriage therapist could be a complete waste of your time.

Interestingly, some assume that a marital relationship consultant is the last action they could take to save a marriage. However, your marriage counselor might actually be a great source for online websites and ebooks geared toward marriage help in the early stages of your problems.  In fact, your counselor could also provide you useful homework assignments to help you out.

Now, I personally didn’t have any success in how to save my marriage from our marriage therapy sessions but I don’t want to discount them totally because it’s possible they could provide some helpful marriage advice.

Which ever way you decide to move forward, see to it that both you and your spouse are eager to perform. If you’re trying to save the marriage solo, it’s going to be a tough ride but it could be very rewarding.  So there you have it, the next time you’re thinking to yourself, how can I save my marriage, you’ll know what options you have. There’s really only 2 of them.  Either you try to do it yourself or you get professional help.

While contemplating what you’ll do, maybe you’ll enjoy watching this video about the seriousness how to save your marriage.

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Why most people fail to save a marriage!

Save Your Marriage

In this post I plan to disclose to you one of the major reasons why the majority of folks fall short to save a marriage when trying it alone but before that, I first want to welcome you to this official Mort Fertel Review Site where in the next days I will be publishing updates and my viewpoint on Mort Fertel’s “Marriage Fitness” program.

To start, a while back, I required marriage help and explored a bunch of different means and ways to stop a divorce and after a tedious search decided to purchase the Mort Fertel Marriage Fitness program.

In addition to offering you a totally uncensored testimonial so you can decide on your own if this is the right option to marital relationship therapy for you, I will certainly be posting methods and ideas you can capitalize on through this program.

Truth be told, several of the principles you will be learning about might seem quite hard in the beginning, however after using them, you will soon find them coming quite naturally to you.

Now, when managing marriage problems or perhaps extramarital relations, the idea of how you are going to deal can seem quite daunting. There is most definitely going to be times where you question if these methods to stop your divorce will work or not yet that is when you should rely upon the step-by-step instructions offered with the MarriageMax program.

The reason why several individuals fall short in the arena of how to stop a divorce is because they give up too quickly. It is very annoying attempting to save a marriage because there is always 2 individuals included and giving up appears so very easy when your partner isn’t really reacting the way you desire. You are possibly blaming every person but yourself right now however honest truth is – it takes two to tango – and whether you are encountering it now or later, YOU had a part in inducing your marriage problems.

Now, eventually you will be ready to deal with your issue and work with conserving your marital relationship and Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness will certainly be a very beneficial tool for you to employ. Marriage therapy is no joke. There are sound concepts in play to efficiently stop your divorce — do not attempt to do this alone!

I look forward to providing you more tips and tricks that I’ve successfully used to strengthen my marriage.  Stay tuned because I plan to blog a lot more about saving your marriage!

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